Terms and Conditions

By accessing the vaysor.com website, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions.

This agreement is essential for all clients (hereinafter referred to as "Investor" or "User") to familiarize themselves with before commencing any form of cooperation with vaysor.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Platform").

These terms and conditions delineate the guidelines for the use of vaysor.com's website, located at qubotic.io.

If you access and use this website, we assume you fully accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of the terms presented herein, please refrain from using the vaysor.com website.

General Provisions:

1.1 Only individuals who are of legal age in their respective jurisdiction can become clients of Qubotic Limited.

1.2 Registration on the vaysor.com website is mandatory for anyone wishing to become an investor.

1.3 By registering online, the investor confirms acceptance of all vaysor.com rules and guidelines.

1.4 Any violation of these rules may result in:

• A written warning sent to the email provided.

• For subsequent violations, vaysor.com reserves the right to terminate the relationship unilaterally.

1.5 vaysor.com reserves the right to amend these rules and guidelines.

1.6 Any significant changes will be communicated to investors at least two days in advance.

1.7 vaysor.com shall not be held accountable for any data loss.


2.1 All data shared with vaysor.com by investors is confidential.

2.2 vaysor.com ensures the confidentiality of transactional information between the company and its clients.


3.1 Information on the vaysor.com website is provided "as is", without any explicit or implicit warranties.

3.2 Content on the site should not be viewed as financial, tax, legal, or investment advice. vaysor.com Limited is not liable for any decisions made based on the website's content.

Investment Guidelines:

4.1 Investments made on vaysor.com are confidential transactions between the investor and Qubotic Limited.

4.2 All financial activities are undertaken willingly by clients. Investment amounts are determined by investors.

4.3 The minimum deposit amount is $20.

4.4 An investor is allowed only one registered account on vaysor.com.

Referral Program:

5.1 Every vaysor.com investor has the right to participate in the referral and partnership program.

5.2 Using aggressive or viral methods to promote personal referral links is prohibited.

5.3 If vaysor.com identifies breaches as per clause 5.2, it reserves the right to cease all relations with the violating investor.

Concluding Terms:

6.1 Upon completion of online registration, all the aforementioned rules come into effect.

6.2 It's strictly prohibited to invest funds acquired illegally.